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Kalamati Chirang

Chirang district in Assam is well known for its scenic beauty, as well as some specialized zones and Kalamati is its popular attraction as an orchid and butterfly habitat. Kalamati is a destination for lick soil which is next to the waters of Kanamakra. This is a place where various animals especially the elephants come to consume the salt. Different types of herbs, including the medicinal ones are found in this region, though deforestation is a major issue in the area.

Eco tourism has started to develop in the place, but the process of development is slow. A number of wild animals like the golden langur, civets, leopards, porcupines are found in the region. This is an important part of the Manas National Park and the closest market place region here is Koilamoila, from where it is possible to reach here easily. The Maoria Hajw or the “orphan hill” here is the home of various types of orchids.

Popular Things to Do & See in and around

Kalamati is a place well known for the flora and fauna of the area. A number of wild animals can be spotted in the forest. There are rare and endemic animals and birds such as the Asian elephant, Himalayan bear and the hornbill, among others. The hills around it the make for quite a majestic view . There are a few trekking paths in the area, and a number of treks are undertaken in each season. There are a number of unique spots nearby for nature lovers, such as the Hajw Agor, “the hill with a design.”

Getting There 

From the town of Bongaigaon, where the closest rail station of the area is located, you can reach Kalamati in a hired car, via Bijni. The Bongaigaon rail station is about 39 km away from this spot and sumos are available for hires to reach Kalamati.

Kalamati Chirang

You can also reach from Chapaguri station which is 24 km away, but you will have to cross the river. From Guwahati one can also take NH31A from Guwahati and reach Kalamati.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Kalamati region is between winter and spring, when the weather remains the best. The monsoon season should actually be avoided as rains in the forest can be difficult for the tourists. During the summer too, the place gets hot and humid.

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