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Kachugaon Game Reserve Bongaigaon

Goalpara Forest was bifurcated into two parts- Kachugaon and Haltugaon. Kachugaon was once the dense forest ever known. Unlike today only patches of it are found due to vast deforestation. The forest had glorious Sal trees- Bamba Sal, Bhabhar Sal Forest, Eastern Heavy Alluvial Plain Sal Forest and Terai Sal Forest. It also had lustrous Mixed Deciduous Forest, Savannah Forest (wet and dry savannah), Evergreen Forest and Riverain Forest. An important fact about this place is, (except Gorakhpur) no other part of the country had forest tramway. Kachugaon was the main station with tram running from Fakiragram via Kachugaon to Hel block. The length of the track was 50 km approx which carried materials, men and water to the upper part of the forest.

With forest, one can expect a healthy wildlife settled in. As per the census of 2000 the number count of elephants were 122, tigers 10 and leopards 4. To conserve the golden langur “Daimalu Eco Centre” has been started, which has planted 42 different species like Bahera, Hilikha, Gamari,Arjun, Dillenia to feed the langurs.

Popular Things to Do and See in and around

Wildlife and forest visiting is a must if you visit Kachugaon Game Reserve. If you get lucky you can see Royal Bengal tigers, Bisons, Leopards, Chinese Pangolin, Barking deer, Flying squirrel, Binturang, Sambar, Elephants, Golden Langur, Spotted Deer, hornbills and variety of avifauna.

Getting There

After reaching Guwahati and then Bongaigaon, you can take a cab to visit Kachugaon. The nearest rail station to this place is also Bongaigaon station. Majority tourists prefer taking private cars to reach Kachugaon.

Kachugaon Game Reserve Bongaigaon, Assam

Best Time to Visit

Winter is the best time to visit Kachugaon unlike summer and monsoon where too much heat and too much storm and heavy rain will spoil the fun.

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