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Jogighopa and Pancharatna Bongaigaon

Assam has a number of historic sites, among which two sites which are prominent are called Jogighopa and Pancharatna. These two sites are situated in the north and south banks of the River Brahmaputra, facing each other in the district of Bongaigaon. Jogighopa is situated in the northern side and Pancharatna on the southern side. The two sites have a number of rock cubicles, which were used as meditation rooms for the monks. Moreover, there are the ruins of a number of ancient monuments and temples in the area, which will attract your attention. The connecting bridge between these two sites is called the Narnarayan Setu. This is actually a bridge with double decks with railway track on the lower deck, and a road on the upper deck of the bridge. The Jogighopa is around 212 km away from Guwahati, where as the Pancharatna is 160 km away from the city.

For nature lovers this beautiful lake is a major attraction. Surrounded by dreamy blue hills, this beel or lake presents amazing photo opportunities for the tourists. Bird watching is favored sport in this area, especially during the winter when the migratory birds visit.

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The cubicles of the places are too small for a grown up man to stand, but there is some space for sitting or lying down. There is a temple of Gupta period in the site of Pancharatna. There is also a monolithic Buddhist Stupa in the site. There are some other areas of interest nearby, such as the Koya Kujiya Beel, which is a great source of attraction among the tourists due to its flora and fauna.

Getting There

Getting to these sites is quite easy as they are both connected with roads where modern transport runs easily. Also ferry services are available for connection from one site to the other.

Jogighopa and Pancharatna Bongaigaon, Assam

Best Time to Visit

Bongaigaon rail station has many direct rental car facilities to reach these sites and approximate time taken is one hour. Bongaigaon tourist buses also cater to the communication of Jogighopa and Pancharatna.

Best time to visit these places is between October and December, after which the place can get really cold, thereby causing difficulty to travel. Moreover, the summer months here are not too easy on the body, and in the monsoon there is the problem of heavy rains.

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