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Devi Dol Sivasagar

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, Devi Dol is a centuries old temple located in Sivasagar district, Assam. Durga puja is celebrated every year in this temple that is attended by a large number of people from every part of the country.

Devi Dol is flanked by Shiva Dol on one side and Vishnu Dol on the other. The temple is 60 feet high and the base has a diameter of 120 feet. The bolisthal is the most sacred part of the temple and is reserved for the puja of Goddess Kali and Durga. A small Shani temple is also nearby and devotees visit this temple in large number on Saturdays.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

Shiva Dol and Vishnu Dol lie within the same premises and are famous for their architecture. Shiva Dol has a dome made of pure gold. All these three temples are centuries old and were constructed during the reign of Ahom Dynasty.

Sivasagar Lake, Gaurisagar Lake, Joysagar Lake are famous as well. Hundreds of migratory birds visit these lakes during the winters. Ahom Museum is also famous and has exhibits that are many years old. Rang Ghar and Talatal Ghar are monuments of historic importance as well.

Getting There

Taxis and tempos are available to reach the temple.

Devi Dol Sivasagar, Assam

Best Time to Visit

Durga puja is the best time to visit Devi Dol, though it is really crowded during this time. The festival is celebrated with a lot of zeal. Apart from this, winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit any place in Assam. The average temperature is around 15 degree Celsius.

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