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Chalapothar Shyam Gaon Sivasagar

The Chalapothar Shyam Gaon is a tourist attraction in Sivasagar which forms a part of the sightseeing tour of the city. It is the oldest Buddhist temple in the state being located in the Moniting area. This village is mainly populated by the Khamyang people of Assam. They are the followers of Buddhism and the village has two more monasteries. The temple’s atmosphere is very calm and serene and you get to feel spirituality on visiting this Buddhist temple.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

There are a number of other nearby attractions in this village which the tourists can explore, namely Chala reserve forest (1.7 km), Niz khaloi ghugura goria gone (3.6 km), Mathurapur (5.6 km), Maidam - Imperial tombs of Ahom kingdom (10 km), Capital Palace Complex of Charaideo (12 km), Abhaypur Reserve Forest (12 km) and Singphan wildlife sanctuary (13 km). The people living here are quite friendly and bycommunicating with them you get to know more about this place.

Getting There

There are many buses and taxis available at Sivasagar that help the tourists in local sightseeing.

Best Time to Visit

It is best to plan holidays at this location during the months of October to February when the climate is cool and pleasant.

Chalapothar Shyam Gaon Sivasagar, Assam

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