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Charaideo Sivasagar

Charaideo was the capital of the Ahom dynasty which was built by a person named Sukhapa. It is located at about a distance of 28 kms from Sibsagar. This place is commonly called as ‘Pyramids of Assam.’ It is situated at the foothills of Nagaland. The place contains many burial grounds of the Ahom rulers and their queens which are considered to be very holy. There are about 42 tombs of the kings and queens at the hill top of Charaideo. The architecture of these tombs can be compared with the Egyptian pyramids and reflects the excellent works done by the masons of Assam during the medieval period. The main attraction of this place is its burial vaults which depicts a lot of information about the lifestyle and culture of the Ahom rulers. The main architectural highlight of the tombs is the octagonal dwarf which encloses the entire tomb or maidam. You will be mesmerized by the floral architecture done on the underground vaults and the chambers are all covered with earthen mounds. People travel here from great distances to pay homage to these lost souls who have contributed vital roles in the country’s history. There is a nearby park named the Sukapha Park where there are many amusement options for the children.

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This place is truly worth visiting as it gives an insight to the beauty and glory that the place carried during the ancient eras. You get to see some masterpiece works done by the artisans and craftsmen of those times.

Getting There

The tourists can hire buses or taxis from Sivasagar and reach Charaideo within a short span of time.

Charaideo Sivasagar, Assam

Best Time to Visit

The monsoon and winter seasons are the best times to enjoy holidays here when the pleasant weather makes your trip even more enjoyable.

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