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Chitralekha Udyan Tezpur

In the beautiful city of Tezpur, a picturesque park is located, called the Cole Park. The park was built in 1906 by a commissioner of Assam named Mr. Cole, and was later reconstructed by M.G.V.K Bhanu in 1996. The park has recently been renamed as Chitralekha Udayan Park, after the name of a famous person in the Aniruddha Usha love story. Located amidst a number of misty hillocks and green terrains and blue lakes, this park is well known for its breathtaking scenic beauty. Inside the park there is a serene lake, in which boating can be done. The park remains open from 9 am to 7 pm. It has open spaces, open air stage and restaurants for the entertainment of the visitors. Moreover, some of the ancient relics from nearby areas have been transported to the park, in order to facilitate public viewing, among which the most important being the inscription of Bhomoraguri, depicting an ancient plan of building a bridge on the River Brahmaputra is the most prominent one.

Popular Things to do & See around

The Chitralekha Udayan or Cole park is one of the most attractive tourist spots situated at the central part of the city of Tezpur. There are a number of entertaining rides in the park including bump a car, and a few water sports in the horse shaped lake. Moreover, there are historical relics like the inscription of Bhomoraguri, and two massive and well decorated stone pillars have been brought in from the Bamuni hills. There is also a model of MIG 21 fighter plane and a map of India, with state divisions prior to 2000.

Getting There

The park is well connected to the nearby cities and towns via a number of buses, both of state government and private ownership. Rickshaws and autos are available to the park from the local bus stands.

Chitralekha Udyan Tezpur, Assam

You can avail direct taxis from Saloni airport, which is 10 km away from the spot, you also get auto rickshaws from Rangapara north railway station to reach the spot.

Best Time to Visit

The park is situated in an area which experiences sub tropical climate, and therefore, the summer seasons can get really hot and humid. The best time to visit this park, is during winter and spring. The park should be avoided in the rainy seasons due to lack of shelters.

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