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Bamuni Hills Tezpur

In the north eastern state of Assam, there are a number of relics of the olden times which remind one of the glorious past of the area. In the Bamuni hills of the district of Sonitpur, one may find such spectacular ruins, which attract a number of people to the region. On the right bank of the mighty Brahmaputra, the low hill names Bamuni is situated, which displays a number of awe inspiring stone carvings and statues of the bygone era. According to Hindu mythology, Aniruddha, the nephew of Lord Krishna, had fallen in love with the daughter of Banasura, who disapproving of the match had imprisoned Aniruddha in this place. The Archaeological Study of India, under whose control this area currently is, has fixed the date of these ruins at 10th to 12th century A.D. The style of the art excavated in this area indicates towards the Gupta period. It is however not clear as to who had this temple constructed, but it is generally believed that the temple was built during early Pala period. It is also assumed that this was a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and it was a north Indian Nagara style temple.

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The astonishing stone figurines and rock sculpture are the prime attraction of the area. The intricate designs on the stone give us an idea of the talent and hard work of the artists. Moreover, the scenic beauty of this place enhances the charm of the area, as it overlooks the river Brahmaputra. There are also other interesting spots nearby which are visited by the people who come to Bamuni hills, such as Da Parbatia, among others.

Getting There

The ruins of the Bamuni hills are not too far away from the city of Tezpur, the district headquarters of Sonitpur, and therefore travelling to this spot is relatively easy. From Saloni, you can take rental taxis to reach directly the serene Bamuni hills.

Bamuni Hills Tezpur, Assam

Many local transport means like auto rickshaws and cabs are also available at Rangapara North station, from where you can reach the spot in just few minutes.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Bamuni hills will be from late autumn to spring. The weather remains cool and dry during this period, and therefore, exploring the ruins will be most comfortable. Summer can get uncomfortably hot, and should be avoided. The monsoon also is not a good time to travel.

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