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Best Time to Visit Sonitpur

Located at the sub-tropical climatic zone, Sonitpur has a monsoon-type climate which translates to the fact that summers are hot while winters are refreshingly pleasant.


Summer is a not good time to visit Sonitpur as rain showers are common that can cause flood as well. Temperature remains around 29 degree Celsius during the summers on an average and but the humidity level is extremely high.


Rainfall is heavy during this time and flood and landslides become common. There can be water on the streets due to clogging of the drains and the rivers can overflow as well. Tourists must avoid Sonitpur during the monsoon months.


Like most other places in Assam, it is best to visit Sonitpur during the winter as this season is refreshing and dry. It can get really cold owing to snowfall on the peaks of Himalayas. Average temperature during this time is 16 degree Celsius.

Best Time to Visit Sonitpur, Assam

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