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Agnigarh Tezpur

Agnigarh is a hillock, which is located at Tezpur in the state of Assam. This historical site is also known by the name ‘love site of North east India.’ The word Agnigarh means a residence built amidst fire. As per the Hindu mythology, this fortress was built by Bansura who was a very powerful asura/demon and everyone was afraid of him. He constructed this building in order to keep his daughter Usha in isolation so that she could not meet her beloved Aniruddha. The fortress was surrounded by fire on all sides so that nobody could go out of the building without permission.

In the present days this site has turned out to be a tourist attraction of Tezpur near the River Brahmaputra. The site also allows trekking and one can reach the peak by climbing the circular staircases. The place offers a panoramic view of the surrounding which is definitely very attractive and alluring. The beauty of the hillock is more enhanced by the construction of several sculptures which depict the story of this Hindu scriptures/Puranas.

The Tourism Corporation of Assam has set up a park in the hillock for the recreational purposes of the tourists. The Kalia Bhumura Bridge can also be seen from this hillock which appears like a beautiful neck piece worn by the Brahmaputra River.

Popular Things to do & See around

One can see beautiful waterfalls and giant mushrooms in the surroundings of the site. You can also have picnic at this spot with your family and friends and spend an awesome day admiring the beauty of the place.

Agnigarh Tezpur, Assam

Getting There

Agnigarh is located at a distance of about 5kms from the city Tezpur. The tourists can get ample number of local buses, taxis and even autos which carry passengers to this location.

Best Time to Visit

This travel destination in Assam attracts tourists all round the year and you can choose any suitable time to plan a visit here.

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