Known for Raksha Mangcham or the Dance of the Ox, Wangdue Tshechu is a yearly festival held in Wangdue Phodrang, Bhutan. Earlier the festival was celebrated in the Dzong here which was burnt a few years back. Today Wangdue Tshechu is celebrated in Tencholing Army Ground in Wangdue Phodrang.The festival is celebrated in remembrance of Guru Rinpoche who brought Buddhism to Bhutan. Even though the Tshechus are celebrated in different regions of Bhutan but the dates may vary from region to region. The festival holds a great importance for the Bhutanese and attending this religious celebration is a spiritual dedication for them. Doing so, they believe it would bring them favors and help them gain good luck for the years to come.

Tourists who visit Wangdue Phodrang for the festival will get an opportunity to witness how beautifully the locals are dressed up. The locals believe, wearing the finest clothes for the celebration is yet another type of offering for the deities which may bring them fortune, thriving and endowment. Other than performing Raksha Mangcham the other attraction which one can witness in Wangdue Tshechu are the exhibitions of old religious veil moves that are performed by the priests. The festival concludes with the unfurling of a silk thongdrel of Guru Tshengye which is much awaited by the locals as well the tourists. It is believed those who get the sight of the throng doel attain the blessings which washes away all the sins.

Once done with witnessing Wangdue Tshechu, tourists can head to visit one of the notable sites of the district i.e., Phobjikha Valley. The tourist attraction is home to rare and endangered Black Necked Cranes that settle there during the annual migrations. The serene and beautiful valley also gives the tourists an opportunity to indulge in biking activity. Besides this, tourists can head to the 17th century Gangtey Goenpa and the impressive Wangdue Phodrang Dzong.


Insight into Festival Duration, Dates, and Features

Festival Duration

It is a three-day annual celebration which is celebrated with much pomp and show. The tentative dates of Wangdue Tshechu or the year 2019 and 2020 are out which will be held in the month of October and September respectively.

Dates for 2019

  • Starting Date: 6 October 2019
  • Ending Date: 8 October 2019

Dates for 2020

  • Starting Date: 24 September 2020
  • Ending Date: 26 September 2020

Tourists who wish to explore the other top tourist attractions of Wangdue Phodrang or any other destination in Bhutan, our Bhutan festival tour package will let one get the best holiday experience when travelling to Druk Yul- The Land of Thunder Dragon.

Festival Destination

Located South of Punakha is Wangdue Phodrang which is most popularly known as Wangdue, is a must visit destination in Bhutan. It is the last western town on the highway before entering Central Bhutan.

  • Witness the Raksha Mangcham or Dance of the Ox.
  • Admire how the locals beautiful dress up for the festivals.
  • Witness the exhibitions of old religious veil moves by the priests.
  • Attain blessings during the unfurling of the silk thongdroel.

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