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Ura Yakchoe Festival Bhutan

Duration: 5 Days Place: Bumthang

The festival holds a historical and significance and takes place at the Ura Lhakhang in Bumthang. With witnessing sacred dance performances, tourists get an insight into the belief and faith of the Bhutanese people and culture. The three-day festival creates an atmosphere of zeal and enthusiasm which is a unique experience to cherish for a lifetime.

Insight into Festival Duration,
Dates, and Features

Festival Duration

Ura Yakchoe is a five-day festival which is celebrated in the month of April. The tentative festival dates of Ura Yakchoe for the year 2020 is out which will also be held in the month of April.

Dates for 2020

Starting Date: 04th May 2020Ending Date: 08th May 2020

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Festival Destination

As the festival is held in Ura Lhakhang of Bumthang, travellers need to get a special route permit which can be only done in Thimphu.

Special Highlights of the Festival

  • Witness a sacred dance performance by the locals.
  • Learn about the Bhutanese faith and culture.
  • Take part in the celebration and worship the relic that has a historical reference.

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Ura Yakchoe
Festival Bhutan

Get an insight into the belief and faith of the Bhutanese people

The Ura Yakchoe is referred to a sacred dance performance which is held in Ura Lhakhang of Bumthang. The festival offers a close insight into the faith of the Bhutanese people and culture followed in this beautiful and fascinating country. The festival has a historical reference depicts the story of a Lama and young women. It is believed that once a Lama visited a local woman in her house and asked for a glass of water. As she went to fetch water, on returning she discovered that the lama had disappeared leaving a sack. The woman peered inside the sack and found a statue of Chana Dorje also known as Vajrapani who was the protector and guide of Buddha. Since then, the statue is owned by the woman’s descendants and it is during Ura Yakchoe when the statue is carried down the valley to Ura Lhakhang followed dancing and drinking in a procession.

Once tourists are done with witnessing Ura Yakchoe, they can indulge in exploring the beauty of Bumthang. Home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries, Bumthang is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Bhutan. Bumthang has four valleys and each of them is covered with farms that produce potatoes, rice, buckwheat, cheese, honey, buckwheat, apples and dairy products. Holidaying in Bumthang will also bring one close to the other amazing tourism places to see including Burning Lake, Tharpaling Monastery, Jakar Dzong, Ogyen Choling Museum and more.