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Bhutan houses some of the most beautiful monasteries in the world. It is a country that believes in peace, and monasteries here stand as a symbol for the same. Atop a peak of Bhutan nests Talo Goenpa Monastery in Punakha with majestical aura and as a symbol of ancient spirituality. This magnificent monastery is situated at an altitude of about 2733 m (9100 ft) and in the middle of the Talo hamlet which is best known for its cleanliness and hygiene among all the villages in the Punakha Valley. Moreover, the dense forest and quietness encircling the place make it one of the favoured sightseeing destinations of Bhutan.

Talo Monastery is a pristine tourist attraction in Bhutan that is built on a small plateau. It presents visitors with a panoramic view of the Punakha Valley protected by enormous mountains. As we roll back the pages of history, the monastery is believed to be found in 1767 which is also renowned as the ‘Fire Pig Year’ as per the Bhutanese calendar. Since it’s origination, the mind boggling Bhutanese architectural ideas used to build this sacred place has been leaving its visitors amazed since ages.

Nonetheless, the picturesque allurement and architectural beauty are not the only factors that make this place outstanding. Talo Monastery is also the monastic school and home to 105 monks of 7 to 26 years of age. These monks follow daily chores that begin from 4 in the morning and include things like cleaning, reciting prayers and studying. People living here, furthermore, learn to be a proficient player of a huge telescopic trumpet that is about 2 meters long. These instruments are used to please the evil spirits through their delightful sound. Without any second thoughts, these marvelous things make Talo a must-visit place where tourists come across the authentic culture of Bhutan.