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Nalanda Buddhist College

Bhutan is a tiny but magnificent country that has been preserving its cultural and religious values since ages. Apart from sacred places like temples and monasteries, various institutions in the country teach the next generation about the significance of Bhutanese heritage. Nalanda Buddhist college in Punakha Valley is one such place where hundreds of monks work diligently to run the institution and pass their knowledge further.

This institute is of greater importance as people from across the globe pay their visit to grab the knowledge about Bhutanese culture and philosophy. The college was established by the 9th Je Khenpo in 1757, however, various ups and downs lead to the closure of the institute several times. Finally, in 1991, it was declared open by the 4th Dragon King.

Nalanda Buddhist College, also known as Daley Geonpa or Dalida, is also reckoned as one of the must-visit sacred places in Bhutan due to its religious and historical influence on thousands of children. Resting beside Talo Monastery amidst the lush greenery of the Punakha valley, the place is widely known across Bhutan. Surrounded by gigantic and snowy mountains, the college receives footfall of visitors between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Moreover, not only do they get to encounter the spellbinding view of the valley but also, if lucky enough, can experience the monks preparing themselves for the philosophical debate held in the institution. Therefore, this must-visit place is indeed the right lens to see the prestigious Buddhist culture while traveling to Bhutan.