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Punakha Ritsha Village

There are innumerable hidden gems in Bhutan that amaze tourists in unexpected ways. Ritsha Village is one such wonderful hamlet in Punakha valley. It’s beauty leaves the spectator speechless and provides the visitors with indelible experiences. Situated along the banks of Po Chuu and Mo Chuu, this picturesque village is also known as the ‘rice bowl’ of Bhutan owning to its production of an abundant variety of rice including the famous white and red rice.

Ritsha Village is wrapped in the awe-inspiring prettiness of Punakha district where one is enticed by the traditional houses constructed using mud and stones. Moreover, the village comprises of a very little population but amiable people who welcome tourists from across the globe with open arms. Visitors must take a stroll around the majestic paddy fields surrounding the traditional homes of the villagers and enlighten themselves about the traditional and modern farming methods via locals.

There are several places to visit in Bhutan. But this one is different. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, this marvelous village with pleasant weather and serene environment offers a heavenly pictorial landscape where tourists can participate in a few adventure activities.

The best ones amongst these activities are trekking, cycling and river rafting providing an amazing opportunity for the travellers to soak into the matchless beauty of the village. If you are looking for some offbeat and local experiences in Bhutan, Ritsha should top your list. Witness the magnificence of a small scenically blessed village with untouched and unspoiled natural allurement.