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Paro Tour Packages

Tour My India takes you away from the chaos and hullabaloo of cities to a serene and picturesque land of Paro. Yes, the same destination that is blessed with the presence of Bhutan’s most famous Buddhist Monastery, Tiger’s Nest or Paro Taktsang. The postcard perfect Paro boasts a sprawling verdant valley, a river that runs through it, an imposing Ringpung Dzong, and the National Museum apart from the iconic Tiger’s Nest Monastery. This popular destination in Bhutan is everything a nature lover needs, and the spiritual centres here not only make it a must-visit for Buddhist pilgrimages but for anyone seeking a spiritual getaway. Therefore, we at Tour My India ensure that your Bhutan travel itinerary has a place for Paro.

Choose from our selective Paro Tour Packages that are designed keeping in mind the various aspects of this beautiful town in Bhutan. We offer the best Paro Bhutan tour packages from India, especially packages from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad for the family tour as well as honeymoon tour. Paro’s surreal and safe settings ensure an unforgettable experience and with our luxury and budget vacation packages, it gets even better.

Our spiritual Paro tour packages promise an unmatched experience of paying a visit to the sacred Paro Taktsang and other holy Buddhist sites where you can seek the blessings of Guru Rimpoche and other ‘Terchen’ in and around the town. Since the town boasts incredible natural settings, it is also home to several species of birds like Ibisbill, and is thus an ideal destination for birding tour in Bhutan which is best experienced with our meticulously designed birdwatching tour.Paro also has an idyllic setting for trekking/hiking and mountain biking to savour the taste of some adventure in Bhutan.

We at Tour My India delight in crafting Paro holiday packages that guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Our tourism packages aren’t ever ordinary as they are the compilation of little details that others miss to notice. Expect, top class services – best travel itineraries that include the top places to visit and things to do at the best time to visit, along with sightseeing tours of places that are lesser-known, for a holistic experience. We also make travelling and visiting each destination in Bhutan convenient with the best transport arrangements and by choosing the right hotel for you. Tour My India offers attractive deals on travel packages and makes sure you enjoy the best Paro holiday that is not only at affordable prices but is memorable as well.