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Kumbu Lhakhang

Situated in the Kumbu village, 2 kms northeast from the Gangtey Monastery, is the majestic Kumbu Lhakhang. The Lhakhang was established under Zhabdrung Tsenden Dawa in the 17th century. In remembrance of Lama Tsenden Dawa, the ritual of ‘Kumbu Tsham choe’ is held every 8th month of the Bhutanese calendar.

The two-storied structure is the perfect example of Bhutanese architecture. The ground level comprises the altar room which is decorated with traditional paintings. The upper level houses the main temple wherein visitors will find three Buddha statues from the past, present, and the future. It is believed that whoever prays to the statue of the medicine Buddha will receive blessings and be healed of whatever illness plagues them.

Travelers make their way to the Lhakhang for a variety of reasons, some to gaze at its beauty, some to pray to the Buddha, and some to experience the region’s spiritual tranquility.