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Gangtey Nature Trail

The Gangtey Nature Trail allows travelers to immerse themselves in the alluring beauty of the Phobjikha Valley. The two-hour trek devoid of steep turns is ideal for beginners. In this bewitching setting, travelers make their way from the Gangtey Monastery through dense pine forests, flower meadows, and grasslands to reach the bottom of the valley.

With the smell of pine in the air and picturesque vistas, the Gangtey nature trail offers nature lovers a chance to admire the vast green meadows. The nature trail is also an excellent opportunity for bird watchers and enthusiasts to spot the Black-necked Cranes. These endangered birds frequent the Phobjikha valley during winters for the purpose of roosting. A visit to the Crane Information Centre is highly recommended if you wish to learn more about the captivating birds and their significance to the valley.