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Kilung Lhakhang

While driving towards Kutoe Dungkhar from Lhuentse Dzong, travelers will come across a small, remote, and beautiful village of Kilung. The village holds a prosperous history. Tourists can come up close to the Tshanglas tribe, which have been inhabiting this area since the late 19th century. Kilung Lhakhang is the religious structure located on the ridge in the village.

The temple, because of its location, offers wonderful opportunities for some incredible photography. It surprises tourists with breathtaking views of Kurichu River flowing on its base. Kilung Lhakhang boasts the ancient sacred chain mall. As per the local sayings, this chain mall was used to chain down a statue that flew away from the Lhuentse Dzong. The site is about 25 minutes drive from Lhuentse Dzong, and deserves to be in the itinerary of tourists visiting Bhutan.