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Popular Attractions To Visit in Lhuentse

Surrounded by exotic landscape and Buddhist shrines, Lhuentse is one of Bhutan’s must-visit destinations. Its unspoilt nature will make you want to breathe in the cold morning breeze and take a walk along the narrow muddy paths. Lhuentse has a 154 feet statue of Guru Rinpoche that overlooks the town. You can take a tour of the mighty fortress Lhuentse Dzong that evokes memories of the past. Many hiking activities are also available around Lhuentse. You can take a village tour to Gangzur or visit the isolated 18th century Jangchubling Monastery.

Top 3 Most Popular Tourism Attractions in Lhuentse

S.No Attraction Name
1 Lhntse Dzong
2 Kilung Lhakhang
3 Jangchubling Dzong

We Have Found 3 Attractions For You


Lhuentse Dzong

The mighty fortress, Lhuntse Dzong popularly known as Lhundub Rinchentse is home to many sacred artifacts, installed by the 4th Druk Desi Tenzin Rabgay.  ...


Kilung Lhakhang

A sacred temple, Kilung Lhakhang houses sacred chain mall which was used to recapture a statue that miraculously flew away from the dzong.  ...


Jangchubling Dzong

A monastery founded in the 18th century by Pekar Gyatso, Jangchubling Dzong is one of the important attractions in Lhuentse that is worth a visit.  ...