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Rayong Sunrise View Point Ravangla

Get ready to savour every moment while in Rayong Sunrise View Point as this place provides great vista. Located in the southern district of Sikkim, Ravangla, catches the attention of many travellers coming from near and far. This can be considered as a popular tourist interest place as it brilliantly displays awe-inspiring sight of Singalila and Chola range. Often many tourists rush to the view point before the crack of dawn to sightsee the spectacular view of the golden sunrise. And as the day peeps through the Chola Range of Bhutan, the light displays magnificent view of the peaks like Mt. Narsing, Kabur, Jopuno, Rathong and Pandim. The view offers a lasting impression on the spectators. Besides, it is a must visit attraction for adventure seekers as it also provides a number of trekking trails to places like Deorali Dara, Tinkitam and Gholey Bhir.

Things to do and see

This popular attraction in Ravangla is a definite visit to watch the sunrise and the Himalayan peaks. This place also offers a number of adventure activities such as trekking to places like Deorali Dara, Tinkitam and Gholey Bhir.

Getting there :

Rayong Sunrise View Point is located about eight kilometers from Ravangla. To get to this point, taxis are available from Ravangla as well as other major towns in Sikkim.

Rayong Sunrise View Point Ravangla, Sikkim
Best Time To Visit :

An ideal time to visit Rayong Sunrise View Point is from March to June during spring-summer season. September can also be considered a good time to visit this attraction.

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