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Khandosangphu and Sharchog Bephug Ravangla

Khandosangphu and Sharchog Beghug is one of the religious pilgrim of the Buddhist, that is among the most popular tourists destinations of the state. These are two of the four holy caverns of Sikkim, the meditative spot of Guru Padmasambhava; the saint who preached Buddhism in Tibet in the 7th century. The place is believed to have witnessed the legendary battle between Guru Rimpoche and a female demon who was spreading terror within the people of that area. Extending upto the Maenam and Tendong hills, these caves are said to be the largest of all four, nestled amidst the generous nature’s bounty.

What To Do And See

Near to this there is a hot sulphur spring- Phur Cha - Chu, popular for its great therapeutic value, attracts many tourists and local devotees to visit this place. The Narsing Village, Borong Village, Kewzing Village, Sangmo Village and many other are some tiny hamlets residing in Ravangla come as a great opportunity to experience their warm hospitality and have dip into their culture along. For the adventure lovers, the Tendong Hill and Maenam Hill provide with challenging treks amidst the calm and sweet calls of the colorful birds. There are Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary and Tendong State Biodiversity Park that are the safe abode for the Sikkim’s immense variety of flora and fauna. The Ralang Monastery, Bon Monastery and Tashiding Monastery are some monasteries of Ravangla that can not be missed for visiting. The famous hot springs of Ralong and Borong Hot Springs are yet another popular tourist spots in both religious as well as medicinal point of view. The plush green plantation of the Temi Tea Estate is a great place for a peaceful outing and opportunity to bag some finest flavored tea. The close by town Pelling also offers some of its attractions that can be visited while exploring Ravangla such as the Rimbi Waterfalls, Sewaro Rock Garden, Khecheopalri Lake, Rabdentse Ruins, and Khangchendzonga Waterfalls. For the peace-seekers, there are some famous Buddhist monasteries of Pelling like Sang Da Choeling Monastery and Pemayangtse Monastery tucked amidst the serene nature, offering the most gorgeous views of the forest and high peaked mountains.

Khandosangphu and Sharchog Bephug Ravangla, Sikkim
Getting there :

There are frequent Buses / Shared Taxis available from major towns like Namchi, Pelling, Legship or Gangtok to reach Ravangla. From where one can hire a private taxis to cover the distance of 34 km to visit the caves of Khandosangphu and Sharchog Beghug.

Best Time To Visit :

Khandosangphu and Sharchog Beghug are best visited during the months of March to May when the weather is pleasant and quite welcoming. There is no entry fees applied for this place.

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