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Tsadang Tuensang

If you are longing to visit an unusual and off beat tourist attraction, Tsadang is the right place. It is located in the village of Longtrok and in this place to visit, you can observe the 2 living stones, who are believed to be friends who used to visit Longtrek Village together for decades together. These 2 friends were legendary and worshipped by the local inhabitants and villagers from neighbouring villages. When headhunting happened in between villages of Nagaland, the neighbouring enemy villagers proved to be weak in front of them. The village of Tsadang stands approximately 4 kilometres away from Tsongliyangti and Chungliyanti. The local language is English and is convenient for foreigners while they converse with the local inhabitants.

Popular Things to do & See

While you’re in Tsadang, you can explore the hilly scenes, cultural beauties and freely converse with the tribesmen to know more regarding their traditions. These North Easterners give you a great insight of how people have fused both their traditions and modernization of the 21st century.

Getting There 

You can avail rental cars and buses to reach this village from neighbouring villages like Noklak and Longtrok.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tsadang is during the months of summer, i.e., between the months of March and June

Tsadang, Nagaland

Experiencing a temperate type of climate, Tuensang has hot summers and colder winters. The monsoon season is not appropriate for visiting due to heavy rainfall.

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