Shalini Palace Kolhapur Maharashtra

Located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Shalini Palace has earned its status for its grandeur and finery. Shalini Palace is the only palace hotel present in all over Maharashtra and has been reputed to give world-class services to its boarders. In front of the Palace, there is a picturesque lake called Lake Rankala which is so huge that it has a circumference of approximately 4 kilometers or 2.5 miles. The Lake is encircled by soaring palm trees, plush foliage and divine parks. The Bastion has been built of complexly whittled black stone and Italian marble. The doorways are opulent and ornate ligneous doorways which are tailored with carved Belgian glass bearing the crest of the Maharaja of Kolhapur, which are an addition to the imperial sumptuousness. Grandiose black stone archways form the balcony and the portico. The tainted glass archways and the colossal tower clock have been restored to their former glory.


The Shalini Palace was built around the 1930s. It has been entitled after Princess Shrimant Shalini Raje who was the daughter of rulers of Kolhapur, Chhatrapati Shahaji II Puar Maharaj and Queen Pramila Raje. The entire Palace took a total of 4 years to be constructed to a glorious monument and costed a whopping ₹800000 to build. Before becoming a hotel in the 1980s, the Shalini Palace was a college during the 1960s which had to shut down due to the high maintenance costs.

Getting There

The distance from Kolhapur Airport to Shalini Palace is 17 Km which takes up a decent 30 Minutes by car. The distance from Kolhapur Railway Station is 4 to 5 km which by auto rickshaw takes about 15 minutes’ worth of journey.

Things to Do in and around

While visiting Shalini Palace, you can venture out to the Mahalaxmi Temple or Ambabai Mandir which is an ancient Hindu temple. There is also film studio of Marathi films and Old

Shalini Palace Kolhapur Maharashtra

Shetkari Bazaar which is located on the famous shopping street Mahadwar Road. Also, if you visit during the months of February and March, the Kolhapur Municipal organize a one or two-week event ‘RankalaMohostav' (Festival).

Best Time to Visit

The weather and climate around Shalini Palace are moderate climate with not too great temperature fluctuations during any season. Temperature ranges between 10°C to 35°C. However, the best season to visit the Palace would be winter season when the temperatures and humidity levels are pleasant and you can venture out without heavy winter gear.

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