Rankala Lake Maharashtra

Resting in the district of Kolhapur of the Maharashtra state, Rankala Lake provides you with a nature sightseeing besides epitomizing some scenic charm. The favorite weekend hotspot amongst all the tourists flocking to this lake, during their leisure to enjoy the unfathomable ambience and the beauty of calmness. Thanks to the Municipal Corporation of Kolhapur that the lake has witnessed the recent build up of Padpath Udyan that enables a peace filled amble along the waters. Formerly, established by the Chhatrapatis residing in Kohlapur, the lake inherited the name of Rankala from the temple of Rankabhairav that rests at the epicenter of the water.

Encompassed by the prepossessing gardens, displaying beautiful floral beds, and Chowpati followed by the pathway welcoming visitors- who are often seen binging on the local delicacies, while enjoying the serenity of the lake. Admired for the delicately carved out black stone formation and the polished Italian marble, the Shalini Palace was once a rich display of heritage which is now a hotel. The vast galore of the traditions that rule India followed by the unexplored Vedic culture, Siddhagiri Museum takes you back to all the varied Cultures and Traditions that was in rage all throughout besides being one of the must visit places for the ones seeking enlightenment. The historical Panhala fort surely deserves to be in the list of tourist spot for the panoramic view it offers.

Perched on the soaring hills the Jyotiba Temple is one of the places to see in Maharashtra for holding out absolute tranquility and rejuvenation to the chaotic minds. The Maharaja Temple with all its pomp and rage is a worth travel place to feel the essence of a king’s rule,

Rankala Lake Maharashtra

along sides his belongings and the leftover antics of Shahu Maharaja’s era.

Holidays in Rankala Lake turns out something cherishing for the beauty of a tourism place that it is.

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