Ganj Golai Latur Maharashtra

The renowned city Latur situated in the Indian State of Maharashtra has been blessed with Ganj Golai right in its heart. Located centrally to Latur, this shrine can be accessed from any direction of the city. Built in the year 1917, the Ganj Golai is mainly a temple for Goddess Jagdamba and is densely populated with marketing stores and shops. It is one of the historic constructions of Latur District which has graced the city with its presence for almost hundred years now. Ganj Golai is essentially a two-storied architectural beauty which is colossal and magnificent. In the middle of the circular edifice lies the shrine dedicated to paying homage to Goddess Jagdamba. The interior of the structure evokes both spiritual piety and admiration. There are more than 15 roads which connect to Ganj Golai and alongside these streets are dispersed bazaars hawking all categories of customary local ware such as gold curios to footwear and food objects from chili to jaggery. This progressive expansion of marketplace has led 'Ganj Golai' to become the core profit-making and trade Centre of Latur.


The prominent Ganj Golai is present and constructed in a central place of the Latur city. The urban organizer and developer Shri Faiyajuddin had prepared the blueprint for the Ganj Golai. The focal structure of the Ganj Golai is a mammoth two-storied construction which was erected in the year 1917.

Getting There 

You can avail from smooth transport from the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Sangli and Aurangabad to visit Ganj Golai, Latur. It has its own railway station from where you can avail rickshaws, bus or taxicabs to reach Ganj Golai.

Things to Do in and around

Ganj Golai is a wonderful place to both marvel at the position of the monument and architecture and also ask for blessings from Goddess Jagdamba.

Ganj Golai Latur Maharashtra

Other than that, you can always do some souvenir shopping for people back home. You can get great traditional local materials which are unique and are only available in Latur.

Best Time to Visit

The weather and climate around Ganj Golai is the most comfortable during the months between October and February. Temperature ranges between 13°C to 41°C. However, the best season to visit the Ganj Golai would be winter season when the temperatures and humidity levels are pleasant and you can venture out without heavy winter gear.

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