Best Time to Visit Latur

Latur is an easily accessible and interesting tourist attraction for almost throughout the year. However, keeping in view the local weather and temperature condition of Latur, winter is the best time to spend a great holiday in Latur. This is so because, during the winter months, the weather condition of Latur is very cool and pleasant and thus, tourist can enjoy their tour around the city.


Annual temperatures in Latur vary from 13 to 41 °C (55 to 106 °F). Summers are from early March to July - dry and hot, the summer temperature ranges from 24 °C to 39.6 °C, which might even reach 41 °C.


The monsoon season is from June to September and rainfall is usually in 9.0 to 693 mm every month. Average annual rainfall is calculated as 725 mm.


The average lowest temperature during winters in Latur is 6.9 °C (44.4 °F). During winters, Latur experiences cold waves with western disturbances all over north India. The minimum temperature might reach to about 2 to 4 °C (36 to 39 °F).

Latur has so much to offer that missing out on something important due to hot and humid weather condition will be a loss. Also, tourist can enjoy outdoor activities at their best. But again, if one wants to enjoy the perfect river view of Latur, then monsoon is the right time to pay a visit to this beautiful city. Thus, primarily winter is the time to visit Latur, but monsoon visits can also be undertaken to see a different beauty of the city.

Best Time To Visit Latur

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