Shirur Anantpal Latur Maharashtra

Shirur AnantPal is a relatively newly formed Taluka place which is quite renowned for the Temple of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the Holy Trinity in Hindu mythology. There is one well-known and celebrated Temple of Lord Shiva which is sited at Hippalgaon Township which is 13 km away from Tahsil and about 25 Km from Latur city. According to historians, the temple of Lord Shiva has been put up in the 10th or 11th century. The linga of Lord Shiva and the statue of Devi Mahishasur have been outstandingly sculptured and carved in the smooth black stone. The edges and angles are chock-full with engraved figurines of several Gods and Goddesses belonging to ancient Hindu Mythology. Just about 2.5 lakhs visitors and tourists visit this dwelling for the Darshana each year and a big festival or holy ceremony is performed on every Chaitra Ekadash and Dwadashi. According to the Marathi Calendar Shirur Anant Pal has rudimentary conveniences such as STD,PCO telephone facility, some eateries, a post office and a branch of a Bank with thriving highway connectivity.


Shirur Anant Pal is the headquarters of the governing Taluka with a population of over 40,000. No such records and notable history are available other than that of the temple and the main livelihood of the township comprises of agriculture and farming.

Getting There 

You can avail from smooth transport from the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Sangli and Aurangabad to visit Shirur Anant Pal, Latur. It has its own railway station from where you can avail rickshaws, bus or taxi or cabs to reach Shirur Anant Pal.

Things to Do in and around

You can visit Shirur Anant Pal to observe and admire the day to day life of the villagers living their ethnic ways of life and explore the heritage shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva to explore the architecture of the 1000s.

Shirur Anantpal Latur Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit

The weather and climate around Shirur Anant Pal is the most comfortable during the months between October and February. Temperature ranges between 13°C to 41°C. However, the best season to visit the Shirur Anant Pal would be winter season when the temperatures and humidity levels are pleasant and you can venture out without heavy winter gear.

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