Namanand Maharaj Ashram Latur Maharashtra

The Ashram of Namanand Maharaj at Mahapur is estimated to be approximately 8 km away from the city of Latur. Each year thousands of visitors, wayfarers, devotees and tourists visit for ‘darshana’ or visiting and paying respect to the ‘Samadhi’ or tomb of Namanand Maharaj. The bountiful Manjara River streams close to the Namanand Maharaj Ashram or Math. A small land or island has formed in middle of the Manjara River and a temple dedicated to worshipping Datta is situated. The soothing waterway and the lush green environment around the Namanand Maharaj Ashram or Math make the region pleasing and comforting and compel pilgrims to pay a visit again.


The Ashram is dedicated to Namanand Maharaj. There are no records of how the place came into existence. But it is a popular tourist attraction which has lured many a tourist to visit the tranquility offered by this scenic place.

Getting There 

You can avail smooth transport from the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Sangli and Aurangabad to visit Ashram of Namanand Maharaj, Latur. Latur has its own railway station from where you can avail rickshaws, bus or taxi or cabs to reach Ashram of Namanand Maharaj.

Things to Do in and around

You can explore and marvel at the architecture and beauty of the Ashram and mediate to soothe your desolate soul. You can calm your mind by the sounds and beauty of the place and environment surrounding the Ashram. If you are in search for a tranquil outing, Namanand Maharaj Ashram is the place to be at.

Namanand Maharaj Ashram Latur Maharashtra

Best Time to Visit

Latur city is in a dry precinct. It is nearly equidistant between the east and west coasts of India and at the west tail of the Deccan plateau. The summers can be very severe with negligible humidity and temperatures anywhere between 40 and 47Celsius. There is a persistent issue with water resource. The best time is between October and February when the weather is enjoyable.

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