Ausa Latur Maharashtra

The renowned district Latur situated in the Indian State of Maharashtra has been blessed with Ausa. The place is located approximately 20 kilometers away from Latur metropolitan city and is, for the most part, a ‘taluka’ headquartering officially till date. Ausa also has a timeworn historic citadel which presently is in ruins. The habitation has an enormous place of worship dedicated to Virnath Maharaj, erected by his descendant Mallinath Maharaj about 3 centuries back.


The time when Ausa was a Taluka, the present day Latur district community was a small section falling under the governance and care of the Ausa Taluka. Today, Latur has grown and developed individually to become a full-fledged and functioning urban metropolitan city, Ausa remains true to its root. Till now, Ausa is still a Taluka with a population of over 2 lacs villagers. Ausa is also the proud beholder of an ancient fort which has been estimated to be developed around the 13th century.

Getting There 

You can avail from smooth transport from the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Sangli and Aurangabad to visit Ausa, Latur. Latur has its own railway station from where you can avail rickshaws, bus or taxicabs to reach Ausa.

Things to Do in and around

You can visit Ausa to observe and admire the day to day life of the villagers living their ethnic ways of life and explore the heritage shrine Malynath Maharaj to explore the architecture of the 1200s. Also, you can visit the nearby village, Kharosa, which sports ancient caves which have beautiful sculptures of Hindu

Ausa Latur Maharashtra

mythological figures and is believed to have been there since the 6th century.

Best Time to Visit

The weather and climate around Ausa are the most comfortable during the months between October and February. Temperature ranges between 13°C to 41°C. However, the best season to visit the Ausa would be winter season when the temperatures and humidity levels are pleasant and you can venture out without heavy winter gear.

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