Tansa Lake Maharashtra

Tansa Lake is a developing tourist spot that proves to be a most desired break to travel seekers. Across the Tansa River in Maharashtra, the Tansa Lake is an artificially built lake surrounding which a beautiful wildlife sanctuary has taken shape. The entire area around the lake which is the catchment area is the region where the wildlife sanctuary has grown covering the various forests of the Thane district.

Located 90 kms away from Mumbai, the entire Tansa Lake has now grown into a major tourist attraction alluring various people across the country and world, to unwind amidst nature, observe the natural world and engage in enthralling sightseeing. The wildlife, birds and the vast area of the water body is a treat to the eyes, and is solace for the mind. Tourism hence has had a chance to greatly develop surrounding this region too.

The tourists get a wide range of attractions in the area. Along with the beauty of the lake, the deciduous forests spreading over the entire area offer to be one of the major things that invite various travelers here. It hence serves to be a well known tourist spot. It also serves to be an important weekend destination where people can just come to enjoy a couple of quiet days in the lap of nature.

The place also serves to be an important destination for nature observers, ornithologists, and conservationists. The sanctuary built around the lake is home to a varied range of species of plants and animals. Many endangered animals find home here and live in the protected arms of nature. Panthers, hornbills, orioles and other rare animals/birds can be seen here.

Tansa Lake Maharashtra

The sanctuary is not the only point of attraction. There are other places to see too. Places of geographical and historical interest are also in near vicinity, like the Mahuli Fort and the Mahadeo temple. The destination can be a wholesome package, and one of the most affordable and reachable places for sudden holidays!

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