Powai Lake Maharashtra

Nestled in the valley of Powai adorned by the assemblage of dainty huts forming the queer village, the artificial lake might have been declared unfit as the water supplier to the city of Mumbai but remains to be one of the famous tourist spots in the state of Maharashtra.

Powai Lake is home to a multitude of rare wildlife including red-vented, Indian pond herons, great egrets, white-browed bulbuls, purple swamphens and sundry. Encircled by the blooming Balsam bushes, the Powai Lake shares its neighborhood with Holy Trinity Church that is perched on the hill and is frequented by the peace-lovers. Known to spread divine bliss, the Mukteshwar Temple is reached via trekking. Known to offer pleasant boat rides for exploring the estuary and the massive crocodiles, the Bhitar Kanika National Park is one amongst the places to see in Mumbai. Best admired for exhibiting the rich culture and the beautiful collection of art, the Kala Ghoda Art Gallery is one of the most frequented must visit places when in Mumbai.

Dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi, the Hedavde Mahalaxmi Temple is an example of beauty with its rich architectural designs and is the most frequented travel place by the pilgrims. Carefully maintained, the Prabhakar Thakare Garden enveloped by the rich verdure, sardines of trees and panoramic views besides topping the nature sightseeing places.

Powai tourism is the most talked about Lake for the beautiful tourist attractions it hosts along sides the serenity that reins over Powai followed by the pristine ambience and the exuberant village life.

Powai Lake Maharashtra

One gets to witness the rich verdure of the Powai valleys and the quaint huts in clusters. Powai warrants for the most beautiful and memorable holidays favored with water, heritage and the unexplored culture.

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