Khindsi and Ambazari Lake Maharashtra

Flowing near the beautiful city of Ramtek, Khindsi lake is situated in Nagpur district of Maharashtra and is one of gateways to nature sightseeing for the huge space on which it sprawls over. Peddle boating, waterballs and motor-boating are some of the primal things to do when in Khindsi.

Known to accommodate more than 5,000 people, Dhamma Chakra Stupa also referred to as the Deeksha Bhumi is one of the must visit places. Initially established by the Bhonsle kings, Maharaja Zoo and Garden attracts tourist and is rightfully one of the places to see besides the serene lake of Shukruvari adorned with thick foliage of trees. One of the most important tourist spots, Raman Science Center was basically built to exhibit the thought process of Science and the advantages it doles out on being implemented in various subjects

Famed for being one of the eleven largest lakes in Nagpur, Ambazari Lake is the origin Point of Nag River and is encased with thick foliage of mango trees. The lake owes its name to this multitude of mango trees. Adorned with the divine garden, Ambazari Lake Tourism is the most sought after for the variety of things to do it hosts including fun rides, games, boating and enjoying the musical fountain.

Originally built by King Bhonsle, the serene Futala Lake is the most visited travel place for the absolute rejuvenation it provides you with; given the pristine ambience that reins the place. Tucked away from the bedlam of city chaos, Ramtek Fort is a testimony to the mythic remnants of Lord Rama rejuvenating here

Khindsi Lake and Ambazari Lake Maharashtra

while on his journey towards Lanka and is one of the important places that is not to be missed out during the Ambazari tourism.

Both the lakes of Maharashtra are a total cut off from the chaotic life and is a peaceful gateway to weekend sojourn for the ones seeking absolution and inner gaiety.

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