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Mumbai as we know it is a major metro of India and is Maharashtra’s capital. Heavy industrialization has turned Mumbai into a commercial capital and financial hub of India with a busy port and airport; it handles all of India’s western coastal trade. There's a lot to observe, know, and enjoy in this ever lively city of Mumbai. The best time to visit Mumbai is in winter season as the the temperature varies between 5o and 30oC and the humidity lessens to a large extent dropping to 69%.


The summer in Mumbai continues from March till mid- June. The heat and dust ensuing from the hot weather makes outdoor travelling uncomfortable as Mumbai is also very populated. The average temperature during this time ranges from 30 ° to 40 °C.The maritime climate creates a lot of humidity so if you are planning to visit Mumbai at this time of the year, then sunscreen, water and light cotton clothing is essential as is avoidance of the sun at midday.


The slushy, heavy rains water down this sea side metro and monsoons are really wet months. The biggest and also the most famous festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, a ten day long affair is celebrated with gusto and religious fervor in this vibrant city. You will enjoy the visit at this time of the year, provided you are prepared to brave the monsoon showers, flooded streets and wet weather. June to September are the wettest months with 25° to 30°C on an average.


During winters though, the temperature varies between 5o and 30oC, the humidity lessens to a large extent dropping to 69%. Evenings may fall to 15o C rather comfortable to check out, galleries bazaars, and Mumbai outskirts.

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Mumbai flourishes in January and February with fests and fairs, the Kala Ghoda arts expo and classical Banganga are the two prominent ones.

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