Nehru Planetarium Mumbai

One of the main attractions of the city Mumbai is the Nehru Planetarium which has always been a pleasant learning experience for the visitors. The Planetarium aims at spreading the knowledge of Science and Astronomy through various events and programs which are both a part of learning as well as entertainment for the viewers. It is also a great place to be visited for the kids who get to know a lot about the space and satellites of our country. The architecture of the Nehru Planetarium is very unique and is sure to take away your heart in the first go. The beautifully made white dome and the cylindrical structure of the building are exquisite in the eyes of the visitors. The Planetarium has several informative shows for their visitors which have been luring the tourists since ages. “Awesome universe” is the current show that runs in the Planetarium which is a 45 minutes presentation on heavenly wonders and cosmic journey. The utmost attraction of the place is that you can calculate your weight in nine different planets of our solar system with the help of the cubicles. There is a Science Complex just adjacent to the planetarium where you can view a 14 minute show known as the Discovery of India. It shows us the journey of our country through the ages. There are 14 galleries which showcase several artistic works, audio visuals and photographs which often are the attractions for the students.

History of the Attraction

The Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai was inaugurated by Indira Gandhi on 3rd March 1977. It was mainly built up to promote the thoughts and teachings of Jawaharlal Nehru through various educational and cultural events.

Getting There

One can easily reach Mumbai from any major cities of the country and even from abroad via the airways and railways. The local transport of the city is also very feasible can ample amount of cabs, buses and private vehicles are available which drop tourists to the famous Nehru Planetarium.

Things to do and see in and around

The planetarium is a part of the Nehru centre and thus encompass various other attractions apart from the shows. The Nehru centre Library is one such attraction here where you will find a wide collection of books covering several disciplines like social science, geography, astronomy, religion literature and many others. Many cultural functions are also held in the Cultural wing of the planetarium.

Nehru Planetarium Mumbai Maharashtra

Opening/Closing Timings and days

The Nehru Planetarium remains open from 10:30am to 5pm.

The show timings are however different and vary as per the language in which you prefer to view the show.

For Hindi: 12noon and 4:30pm
For Marathi: 1:30pm
For English: 3pm

The booking hours for the show start from 11am to 5pm. It is advisable that the visitors book the tickets for the show atleast one day in advance. The Planetarium is closed on Mondays and on special festivals.

Best Time to Visit

Winter months are the most pleasant months in Mumbai. So plan a trip here during the months of November to February.

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