Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai

Mumbai is a city loaded with tourist attractions and is a lovely holiday destination for all of us. The Jehangir Art Gallery is one such tourist spot in Mumbai which is often visited by the travelers while on holidays here. It is located in Kala Ghoda which is in the southern part of the city. The building of the gallery is one of the oldest concrete structures in Mumbai. The gallery has four halls which exhibits the exquisite work of art being displayed there. It is a very prestigious place for the artists and they can showcase their talents here to be seen by the people from all round the world. There is also a shop selling antiques associated with this art gallery from where you can pick up some excellent work of art done by the artists. The paintings displayed in the gallery are sure to take away your heart and you cannot stop admiring them for hours. The Terrace gallery is mainly used for showcasing some amazing works on photography and visual art. Every year an annual exhibition is organized by the gallery known as the Monsoon Art Show where some prior works are being displayed to honor their masterpieces.


The Jehangir art gallery was inaugurated in the year 1952 by the honorable Chief Minister of that time named B.G. Kher. This gallery was built in the memory of Jehangir who was the late son of Sir Cowasji. It has been a heritage of Indian art since ages. The gallery was made in 1850 by a person named Mohit. In today’s date it has become one of the most important platforms where modern artists can showcase their talents.

Getting There

The nearest railway junction to the gallery is the Churchgate Railway Station which connects all the major cities of the country. Tourists may also fly to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport and then hire any bus or taxi to reach the gallery.

Things to do and see in and around

The Jehangir Art gallery is a must visit on your trip to Mumbai. It is a place which particularly attracts the lovers of art. But once you visit the gallery you are bound to fall in love with the paintings and photography’s displayed here. Take your time and explore the entire art gallery to get the real flavor of the place. If you want to have some great taste of Indian coffee then do visit the Samovar restaurant in the gallery which is a symbol of Indian socialist culture.

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai

Opening/Closing Timings and days

The Jehangir Art Gallery of Mumbai remains open throughout the week from 11am to 7pm for the visitors.

Entry Fee 

No entry fee is charged from the visitors to enter the art gallery.

Best Time to Visit

Summer in Mumbai is very hot and stuffy and thus not at all suitable for holidaying. If you enjoy the monsoon season personally then you may hit city during the monsoons. Winters are very comfortable and soothing in the city and ideal for planning a tour with your family.

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