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Sukreswar Temple Assam

Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, the Sukreswar Temple is a holy place for the Hindus. Many devotees from all round the world visit this religious place in Guwahati, Assam throughout the year. The temple is set up on the top of a hill called the Hasti whose named has been mentioned in the Kalika Purana. One of the largest Lingas of Lord Shiva is housed and worshipped in this temple. Even after so many years the temple still holds its beauty and has been restored in a very good manner. Adjacent to it is the Nat Mandir whose roof is made of iron sheets. The temple is very peaceful and divine and the view of the Brahmaputra River just behind it is very beautiful to see. There are many ferries that ply from the Sukreswar ghat to the opposite bank. Thus the tourists can enjoy the ferry ride after exploring the temple. The place also offers a lovely view of the sunset from the hill top. Bathing in the ghat is considered to be very holy for the Hindus and several other rituals are also being performed on this embankment. It is also said that if the death rituals of a person is performed at this temple then the deceased person attains moksha.

History of the Temple

During 1744 AD, King Pramatta Singh of the Ahom dynasty constructed the Sukreswar Temple. He made huge contributions in setting up this place of pilgrimage that has gained immense importance in the recent days.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

Among the many sacred shrines located in the state of Assam this temple symbolizes the historical relevance attached to this place. The devotees travel from great distances to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva here. There are many other tourist spots near the temple that one can explore while on a trip to Guwahati.

Getting There

This famous temple in Guwahati can be reached via all modes of transportation including railways, airways and roadways.

Sukreswar Temple, Assam

The tourists can avail any local means of transportation of the city to travel to this temple.

Opening/Closing Timings and days

The temple gates remain open from 6am to 7pm on all days of the week and also on public holidays.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit this place is during the months of October to March when the weather is very soothing and pleasant for vacations.

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