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Mayong Morigaon

In the Morigaon district of the North Eastern state of Assam, there exists a village, which is known as the black magic capital of India. This village is called Mayong or Mayang, and according to one school of thought, the etymological root of this word is Maya in Sanskrit which means illusion. However, there are other views also, which say, the word was derived from the Dimasa word Miyong which means elephant, or from the word Ma or mother. Only 40 km away from the capital city of Guwahati, the village is well known as the abode of all the black magic saints and witches. It is rumored that people are turned into various animals in the place, or people just vanish into thin air from this place. History of the region shows us that human sacrifices were performed in this place till the early modern period. The tools which have been found through recent excavations, suggest that human sacrifice used to be practice as late as the early Ahom rule. However, this place is a well known tourist spot because of its rich wildlife and adventure sports facilities.

Popular things to do & see in and around

Mayong is a village which is rich in wildlife, and thus a number of tourists flock to this place to see the animals. The Pobitara Wildlife Sanctuary, which is adjacent to the village is a major attraction. Apart from this, the adventure enthusiasts visit Mayong to take part in a number of adventure sports, such as river sports and trekking. The place has a number of archaeological relics too, and thus people who are interested in archaeology and history of the place, apart from this, those interested in learning about the history of black magic can visit this place.

Getting There

Getting to Mayong is not too difficult, as it is close to the capital city of Guwahati. Buses, rental cars are available from Guwahati, which can take you to Mayong.

Mayong Morigaon, Assam

Jagi road and Barahu Railway Stations are quite close to it. Borjhar Airport is the nearest airport.

Best Time to Visit

If you are visiting Mayong, try to avoid the monsoon season as due to the rains, the tourist activities like river tourism and adventure tourism takes a backseat. The best time to visit the place is from November to March, when the weather remains most pleasant. The late summer could be hot and uncomfortable in the village.

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