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Bogamati Baksa

Located near the Indo-Bhutan border, Bogamati lies entirely in the newly created Baksa district in Assam. Covered with dense forest, this has become a famous picnic spot for locals and travelers alike. Bogamati is beautiful and is located on the mouth of Barnadi River. The scenic view of the Bhutan Hills is what attracts people to this place.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

The most popular tourist attraction of Baksa is Manas National Park, which is an important tourist destination in entire Assam. It has different species of animals and plants in abundance. It’s a paradise for bird watchers as well and many migratory birds visit this place during winter. You can also spot tigers, leopards, elephants, bisons, langurs etc. here.

Moina Pukhuri is another place that you visit here. It is a trekking site and trekking through the rugged hills is an experience of a lifetime. Manas Soushi Khongkhor is yet another tourist destination in Baksa district that you can visit. It is an eco-tourism park that offers great view of the hills as well and has river nearby.

Getting There

Cabs on hire are available to reach this place.

Bogamati Baksa, Assam

Best Time to Visit

Baksa experiences a subtropical climate. Summers are humid and hot and it rains quite a lot during the monsoon. Winter is cool and dry and is the best time to visit this place.

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