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Best Time to Visit Majuli

Majuli is a beautiful looking island with amazing cultural traditions, and scenic beauty which attracts a number of tourists. The place however gets too hot during the summer months, and in the rainy season too, the humidity and the incessant rains make it difficult to travel here. The best time to travel to Majuli thus will be either in spring, or during the late autumn and early winter.


In the summer, especially the late summer the place gets too hot and uncomfortable, and therefore not the ideal situation to travel or enjoy the scenic beauty.


During the monsoon the place generally gets flooded. However, since the water flow is heavy in the river, it is easier to travel during this period.


The best time to visit the island will be during the Raas festival of Lord Krishna, which is held during the full moon in the month of November.

Best Time to Visit Majuli Assam

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