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Garmur Satra Majuli

The Garamur Satra is one of the royal satras of the Majuli Island. It is considered a prominent holy site and was established in the year 1656 AD by Jayaharideva. This historic satra has a very solemn ambience. Earlier there were two Garmurs which were later merged into one. This Vaishnavite site in Majuli houses many ancient articles and artifacts which help people in getting a deeper insight to the religious beliefs of the people here. Sri Sri Pitambardev Goswami was the person who initiated the conversion of this monastic institution into a semi monastic one. There is a common prayer hall in the satra where the devotees gather together to seek the blessings of the almighty. The satra is maintained in a clean and tidy manner and the solitude of the place imparts peace to one’s mind and soul. Several forms of cultural activities are organized at the Garamur Satra,one of which is the Raslila festival. Both men and women take part in this grand occasion which is however considered against the rules of the other satras.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

The satra houses many valuable possessions like utensils made of silver and ivory, wheels for elephant carts, sculptures of Umber and many other ancient literary manuscripts.

Getting There

Majuli is very well connected by waterways and roadways. The tourists can take a ferry to reach the Garmur Satra and also avail taxis or buses which carry people to this location.

Garmur Satra Majuli, Assam

Best Time to Visit

October to February is the ideal time of the year to pay a visit at this religious institution in Majuli.

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