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Best Time to Visit Jorhat

Jorhat attracts a number of tourists, especially during the Bihu festival in Majuli. However, it is not advisable to visit Jorhat all year round, especially in the Monsoon.


Although summer in Jorhat is not as hot as many places in India, but humidity makes the summer months unsuitable for travelling to this place. Especially during May and June, the climate gets more uncomfortable.


The monsoon in Jorhat is bad for travelling as there is excessive rainfall, which can also lead to floods. Thus, you must avoid the time between July to September to save your trip from getting ruined.


Winter in the area is cold but pleasant, and therefore, winter and to an extent, early spring remains the best time to travel to Jorhat. Thus, if you are planning a trip there, you should schedule it between November to March, to experience the best time.

Best Time to Visit Jorhat, Assam

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