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Molai Forest Jorhat

Molai Forest located in the Jorhat district of Assam is the outcome of the constant hard work put in by a famous environmentalist named Jadev Molai Payeng. He has done a phenomenal work of planting in 1360 acres of land within a time of 30 years and that too single-handedly. He started with a very small step of planting trees on the bank of the River Brahmaputra which later on turned into a huge forest area giving home to several wildlife creatures. It is truly delightful to visit this Mulai Forest when you are at Jorhat and it shows how beautiful our surroundings can be if we have greenery around us. This man-made forest has become a famous tourist attraction of the state. You can see here the Indian rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, rabbits, deer and a wide variety of birds. Another exceptional feature of this forest is that it is regular visited by herds of elephant that stay here for six months. As a result of this about 10 elephant calves have taken birth in this forest.

Several varieties of trees are found here some of which comprise of gold mohur, valcol, arjun, moj, koroi, himolu and many bamboo trees. This forest has a major role in saving the environment of Assam by maintaining a proper ecological balance. Owing to deforestation, several environmentalists took up the issue seriously and constantly worked towards saving the Mulai Forest. Several documentaries have been made on this forest and on Mr. Yadav who has gifted us this beautiful forest canopy to be visited . This forest is a live example of how Mr. Yadav has dedicated his entire life in protecting nature and has given habitat to several animals and birds. Words always fall short in appreciation of this great man and his deeds.

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The tourists can have a great time in this forest looking on the vast flora and fauna. The forest is a photographer’s delight owing to the perfect foliage and lighting presence; also the birds give you enough reasons to have a grand photography venture. Other tourist attractions near this forest are Kakochang Waterfalls, Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, Sukapha Samannay Kshetra and Tocklai Tea Research Centre.

Molai Forest Jorhat, Assam

Getting There

The Mulai Forest is located near Kokilamukh in the Jorhat City. Being a prominent place of interest of the city, the forest is easily accessible from any corner of Jorhat by availing the local transportation network like rental cars.

Best Time to Visit

The city enjoys a lovely cool and soothing climate during the winter months making the place best suited for vacationers.

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