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Pemachoeling Heritage Forest

A sprawling Himalayan forest near the town of Damphu in the Tsirang Dzongkhag of Bhutan, the Pemachoeling Heritage Forest, owing to its diverse collection of exotic flora, fauna and beautiful religious and historical sites, is a fascinating tourist destination. The Pemachoeling Heritage Forest is one of the 20 wildlife conservation projects that have been recently started in Bhutan in order to protect and preserve the biodiversity of this mountainous region. Apart from this, the wildlife reserve also aims to promote tourism in this region and preserve its local culture and heritage.

The Pemachoeling Heritage Forest is one of the biggest and most modern wildlife conservation centers in Bhutan. This luxuriant forest offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch a glimpse of the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers in their most natural habitat, a wonderful moment that will make your holiday in Bhutan an unforgettable experience. According to the local legend, this place was ruled by a powerful King named Sang Sup Gyap around 200 years ago. He built a Goemba here, which is marvellously still intact, and numerous other small Chortens. The King was killed during an internal civil war during the reign of Jigme Namgyal. However, the Goemba and the Chortens occupy an important place in the hearts of the people here who believe that a local deity resides in these structures.

One can witness the various enchanting rituals performed here by the locals for the welfare of the community and be completely mesmerized at these visual spectacles. Indeed, the forest promises to provide you with an amazing spiritual experience right in the lap of nature with its goemba and chortens. Moreover, the ruins of a medieval dzong also make it a delightful destination for history buffs and adventure seekers and dare them to go on an adventurous adrenaline inducing forest expedition.