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Mithun Breeding Farm

Mithun is considered to be the best breed of bison in Bhutan. These magnificent cattle are one of the most sought after breeds by the cattle owners in the great Himalayan kingdom, owing to their robust characteristics and easy management in rough terrains. What makes them even more popular is their ability to be crossbred with Siri and produce superior quality cattle breeds, Jatsa and Jathsam, known for their high milk production and draught power.

Despite being in such high demand by the cattle owners, there is only one farm in Eastern Bhutan which breeds, raises and supplies Mithun to the farmers across the eastern districts; located along the highway enroute to Samdrup Jonghkar, the farm is a popular tourist spot and provides for a detailed insight into these magnificent animals’ breeding process. There are some good options for photography too for the wildlife enthusiasts.