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Gelephu Tshachu

A paradisiacal destination boasting unparalleled mystical charm, traditional legends and ancient healing techniques, the Gelephu Tshachu is a popular hot spring and wondrous tourist destination in the spiritual kingdom of Bhutan. In Bhutan, a bath in the hot springs is considered the main reason behind the youthful skin of many maidens and the Gelephu Tshachu is no exception! This humble abode greets you with jaw-dropping sights of the Himalayan Mountains and a beautiful gurgling river stream meandering down the valley. The hot spring is situated at a distance of around 15 km from the southern town of Gelephu in the dzongkhag of Sarpang in Bhutan. A short and scenic uphill journey from Gelephu takes you to this quaint hamlet.

A famous tourist spot amongst domestic and international travelers alike, the Tshachu offspring was officially opened in the year 1962 by the Gelephu dzongkhag administration. The hot spring is collected and stored in four well like structures which offer visitors the chance to experience a hot and relaxing bath in the laps of the Himalayas. A rejuvenating bath in these magical waters will not only result in a healthy body strong in mind and spirit but also a beautiful and glowing skin, just like those of the beautiful maidens!

Apart from this, tourists can also experience the refreshing Menchu, the ancient Bhutanese hot stone bath in which the water is heated by dropping red-hot stones into it. A curative and therapeutic bath popular throughout Bhutan, the Menchu is known to combine the minerals of the stones with the warm water and provide relief from joint pains, hypertension, stomach problems and arthritis. Tourists often spend a week or two in this quaint and salubrious sanctuary to cure themselves of many diseases and ailments. During the winters, the lush green meadows surrounding the Tshachu are dotted with camps and tents.

A dip in the hot and sparkling waters of the Gelephu Tshachu is indeed a must-do activity when in Bhutan that not only offers you the chance to form an intimate connection with this magnificent Himalayan locale and satiate all of your six senses but also delights you with a surreal experience that will be forever etched in your memories.