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Popular Attractions To Visit in Sarpang

A tiny hamlet hidden away in the lush Himalayan hills of the Buddhist Kingdom, Sarpang is a natural paradise and one of the best places to visit in Bhutan. This humble abode is reminiscent of the verdant countryside seen in the movies and the pristine villages of Disney etched in our fond childhood memories. Despite being a small dzongkhag of Bhutan, Sarpang is a thriving paradise of humbleness, simplicity and inclusivity.

On traveling to this quaint sanctuary, one could get overwhelmed by the beautiful sight of the smiling faces, the warm hospitality and the love with which one is welcomed. Much of the district falls under the environmentally protected zones. The western part near the Indian Border comprises parts of the uninhabited Phibsboro Wildlife Sanctuary, the northern region consists of a part of Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, while the eastern and southeastern zones lie within the boundaries of the Royal Manas National Park. This makes Sarpang a paradisiacal site for eco tourism, jungle safaris and adventure camping. The fertile town of Gelephu, located in the dzongkhag of Sarpang, borders the Indian state of Assam, and also acts as a gateway to the oldest nature and wildlife protection sanctuary of Bhutan, the Royal Manas National Park.

The Royal Manas National Park is famous for boasting a rich and incredible blend of exotic flora and fauna. A glimpse of several rare and endangered species of animals, including the Golden Langurs, Asian One-horned Rhinoceros and the Gangetic Dolphins, will surely give you an unparalleled dose of dopamine rush. From taking an adrenaline inducing safari through the sprawling forest to clicking pictures of the exotic exhibition of flora and fauna, a visit to the Royal Manas National Park promises to reward you with a truly delightful experience. The Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the smallest wildlife reserves of Bhutan, offers you amazing sights of a wide variety of deer in their natural environments. Perhaps, the most famous tourist attraction of the Sarpang dzongkhag, apart from its wildlife parks is the Tshachu, situated in Gelephu, which is famous for its rich biodiversity. The Tshachu is a popular sightseeing spot and one of the oldest hot springs of Bhutan. One would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend their holidays than by taking a warm and therapeutic bath in the laps of the majestic Himalayan Mountains.

For pilgrims, the Nyimalung Tratsang is a must-visit place in Sarpang. Set amidst lush green landscapes, the Tratsang offers you the perfect refuge where you can cleanse your minds from the chaos and evils of the world, and learn about the philosophies and teachings of Buddha. Apart from this, Sarpang also has another spiritual abode called the Threma Lhakhang, where one can go in search of solace. Home to a grand statue of Threma Lathog, this sacred site attracts visitors with its serene ambiance. A few kilometers away from Gelephu lies the Toorsa Reserve, a perfect travel destination for hardcore backpackers and those seeking a completely peaceful vacation. Surrounded by luscious meadows, this place is devoid of any sign of civilization but full of the songs and sounds of nature.

One of the hidden jewels and sightseeing spots of Sarpang is the Army Welfare Distillery. For wine and alcohol connoisseurs, the Army Welfare Distillery is indeed a must-visit attraction. Set up in 1976, this distillery offers you a fascinating first hand account of how liquor is made in this ‘Himalayan Kingdom’.


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Gelephu Tshachu

A popular hot spring in Sarpang, Gelephy Tshachu let the tourists try the ancient Bhutanese tradition of ‘Menchu’ or Hot Stone Baths.  ...