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Gaselo & Nahee Village

A perfect spot for picnic lunches, Gaselo and Nahee villages are the two tourism destinations located in the western province of Wandue Phodrang. Tourists who are in Wandue Phodrang for holidays can stretch for day excursions to Gaselo and Nahee to witness a unique village life. The life of the people here is still medieval and farmers are always there to welcome the visitors with warm hearts.

Also, tourists who plan to visit Gaselo and Nahee during the summer season can make the most of the holidays by witnessing the fascinating age-old traditional methods of rice plantation. However, a trip to Gaselo and Nahee during the autumn season will let one experience the purest joy and simplicity of farming life with a bountiful harvest. It is during this time of the year when one can truly experience the Gross National Happiness which is a sight not to be missed.