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Adha and Rukha

Located south of Wangdue town, Adha & Rukha villages are an ideal tourist destination for those who wish to get an insight into the lives of Bhutanese farmers. Upon visiting the villages of Adha & Rukha tourists will get a never had before travel experience. The farmers welcome the travellers with a warm heart into their homes and regale the tales of mermaids and ancient kings. Also, the tourism site is perfect for those who are willing to camp out or looking for a homestay with the local families.

Homestay would give the travellers an opportunity to try out scrumptious local delicacies and listen to captivating folk legends. Also, it is believed that people of Adha & Rukha are born with unusually good voices, so those who are lucky enough can also listen to the melodious songs sung by these local people. The people of the villages are extremely friendly and even the best and warmer hosts. A trip to Adha & Rukha will let one create memories with the people here to cherish for a lifetime.