Almora Hill Station

Heard about Almora Hill Station - one of the most ravishing Himalayan beauties of Kumaon?

Breeze of cool air caresses cheeks and ruffles hair sending waves of chill even in a summer day of Almora. Carpet of green grass covering the slopes of hilly terrain are perfect invitation a visitor from plains might expect, escaping the heat known for deep tan in Indians. White of Himalayas seems to embrace all small and big coming to it for rescue, however temporary that might be. The climate can make tourist coming from abroad pretty nostalgic of their home, the way it soothes these new comers in a foreign land. Welcome to one of the most spectacular regions of Kumaon. Almora that also had served as cantonment during British Raj is now a hill destination of reputation. Clear days of the place provide great views of the central Himalayas and the peaks that form the mountain range. Resistance against putrefying urbanization has been successful till date and holidays in Almora give tourist great opportunities to witness it in all its glory.

The history of this hill destination begins with its donation by the Katyuri King to the first Chand ruler, a Gujarati Brahmin named Sri Chand Tiwari. Since then, the place has been as peaceful as Nature could possibly keep it. Glimpses of its culture are reflected in the rituals, festivals, handicrafts and cuisine, where everything seems to be inspired from the magnificence and simplicity of the surrounding hills. Most of the Almora tours include everything that could be of peculiar interest to the tourists.

Tourist Attractions

The sound emanated by the temple bells and positive vibes coming from hymns chanted there is one attraction. Others include greenery extended by Nature in forests and peaks. New comers as well as those who have made it their habit to come here get caught in spell of Almora tourism. Some of the must-see and must-enjoy sites are:

TemplesBinsar Mahadev Temple

Rudreshwar Mahadev Temple - Dedicated to Lord Shiva and located near Sanara Ganiya at banks of River Ganges, it become as if mandatory to pay a visit here once in Almora.

Binsar Mahadev - Here again, Lord Shiva is the deity the temple, which is situated near Ranikhet at a distance of 19 Km from the main city.

Other important temples are Nanda Devi Temple, Garhnath, Baijnath, Kosi Temple, Chitai temple, Katarmal Sun Temple, Jhula Devi Temple, Kalimut and Kasaar Devi.

Nature's Lure

Deer Park- Just 3 Km away from Almora, the place is meant to enjoy the soft wilderness.

Martola - A perfect for picnic with family or friends for a great time in Almora.

Simtola - For views of mountains and forests of Sal and Deodaar, no vantage place could offer better to eyes.

Bright End Corner - a perfect site to view sunrise and sunset in this town.


Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum- For some educating insights, visiting this place is great add-on.

Almora Market - To buy souvenirs, the place is already good; the only need is time left from tour.

Places around Almora

This picturesque town in the lap of Himalaya is more appealing because its location is such that many other significant places of tourism as well as faith could be easily touched. Let us start from.

Kausani Hill Station

Kausani- Located in Bageshwar district, the town is ultimate in terms of hill beauty, remembered specifically for 300 Km panoramic views of some of the snow clad Himalayan peaks, like Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli. One can also take joy of trekking .

Ranikhet - A well known hill station, fantasized for its beautiful orchards of different fruits like apple, walnut, etc. Golf lovers can have memorable time playing in golf course here. Biking on the stretch of roads is quite a fun while enjoying Almora holidays.

Binsar - This hill station with its sanctuary makes for a wonderful holiday, if the bend is towards natural scenery in which wildlife has been thriving without any fear of human encroachment. The adventure aspect trekking to the sanctuary adds, could not be matched with any other experience.

Jageshwar - One of the twelve Jyotirlings representing Lord Shiva is located in this holy town, which also has more than 124 temples dedicated only to this deity of destruction. Thriving population of devotees to Lord Shiva and Nature enthusiasts contributes in charm manifold.

Dwarahat - The way to heaven is no small talk as the name of the place indicates. More than 55 temples located in this town make it holy to the believers of the faith. It being the sanctity of Nature, relating to divine comes naturally.

Chaukhutiya - River Ramganga makes for a perfect delight when visitor arrives to this town. History and religion stand unfazed to charm tourists on their exploration of places nearby Almora.

Things to do

Apart from sightseeing and worshipping in various temples, Almora tourism also offers chances of paddling mountain bikes, changing gears of Royal Enfield, trekking through the forest for wildlife spotting and more. Touring the place in and around, booking the accommodation and making arrangements of mild adventure can be done by taking Almora tour packages. All along, Nature would be a great company to stay in.

Hotels Information

Who doesn't like opening eyes to best of the views of Nature and be welcomed by the early Sun? Possible with a decent accommodation like hotel in Almora suitable to the budget and requirements - basic or otherwise, staying has a lot to do with experiencing the place. People planning Almora holidays can also pick hotels here or in places around like Kausani, Sitalakhet, Ranikhet, Binsar, Jageshwar, Dwaraghat and Chaukhutiya. But that depends on the way itinerary is developed for a trip that combines Almora and others.

Most of the hotels are equipped with basic amenities but luxury settings could also. Availability of different kinds of accommodation leaves every tourist and visitor happy. Some of the reputed names include Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort, Binsar Retreat, Imperial Heights, Kasaar Jungle Resort, Hotel Shivalik, Khazanchand Mansion and Sun n Snow Inn.


Goose bumps by frigid air even after layers of clothing in winters from November to February or an unexpected drizzle / downpour on a day of monsoon between August to October, taking Almora tour anytime of the year is good. Summers are perfect to escape tropical heat if the above two seasons did not come to thought.

Best time to visit

March to November is considered to be the best time to enjoy most of the things that could be attempted in Almora. For snowfall viewing, winters are best.

How to reach there

By Air : Pantnagar is the nearest airport from where Almora is 127 Km away, reached by taxi.

By Rail : To travel Almora, option of reaching nearest railway station (90 Km away), Kathgodam from Delhi, Lucknow and Kolkata is also available.

By Road : Road trip to Almora can be easily planned from cities like Lucknow, Dehradun, Nainital, Delhi, Bareilly, Kathgodam, Pithoragarh, Haridwar and Haldwani.